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A simple, user-friendly and lightweight jQuery accordion plugin with smooth animations powered by CSS3 transitions.
It was based on the Minimal Accordion/Drawer Plugin with jQuery and CSS3 developed by alxndrwcz.
This plugin is licensed under MIT and anyone can freely use it, copy it and modify it.
New updates are always released with new features and fixes.
The latest version at this time is version_3.2.
Please like Woco Accordion Facebook page to check for new versions and updates.


version_3.2 .zip version_3.2 .tar.gz View on GitHub


Woco Accordion version_3.2 is released with a new method that can expand a nth section.

How to use it

  1. Include the Woco Accordion plugin's CSS in the header.
  2. <link href="woco.accordion.css" rel="stylesheet">
  3. Include the Woco Accordion plugin's JavaScript after you have loaded jQuery library.
  4. <script src="woco.accordion.js"><script>
  5. Create a DIV element which contains pairs of H1 element and DIV element.
  6. <div class="accordion"> </div>
  7. Initialize the plugin.
  8. $(".accordion").accordion();
    Initialize the plugin with options. $(".accordion").accordion({ });
  9. Use method if needed.

Contact Me

If you wanna ask questions or found any bug or wanna suggest or ask new features or for other reasons, contact me at chooowai@yahoo.com.